Boho Living Rooms with Living Walls: 65 Ideas

Embrace the free-flowing and vibrant spirit of Bohemian style and bring nature indoors with our latest design craze that you didn’t know you needed: Boho Living Rooms with Living Walls. Turn your living space into a refreshingly green oasis, replete with peace, tranquility and 65 innovative ideas to get you started on an aesthetic journey like no other.

Living room design. Unique boho theme, equipped with an expansive green wall of lush grasses and aesthetic plants, soft brown velvet couch, vintage wooden coffee table, woven rattan rug, and handing macramaé tapestries adding texture to the space. Light breeze infiltrates from the large French windows, lightly rustling the indoor ferns placed in corners.

Boho designed living room. A white, tassel edged ottoman and warm-hued, vintage moroccan rug on a dark hardwood floor, backed by a fern and moss-green living wall installation.

Living room design. Vintage beige leather sofa with abstract-patterned pillows, a distressed wood coffee table, a grass and plant wall installation featuring ferns and bromeliads, a Southwestern rug in earth tones, mixed with a deerskin hide. Hanging golden Edison bulb lights with Bohemian metal frames, wooden barrel side tables adorned with colorful ethnic ceramic pots. Room completed by a simplified Moroccan arch leading to another room.

Boho-designed living room. Macrame wall hanging, rattan coffee table, terracotta colored cushions, grass and variety of plants wall installation, all against off-white washed walls.

Boho living room design. Grass coffee table with lush green indoor plants scattered around and a wall installation with succulents and ferns.

Living Room design. Moroccan rug with boho pattern bedroom compounds accompanied by grass wall filled with hanging potted plants

Boho living room. Earth-toned pillows on rattan furniture with grass and potted plants on Terra-cotta covered wall.

Boho living room design. Floor seatings with chic embroidered throw pillows, multicolour area rug, hanging macramé decor and a grass-and-plants wall installation.

Boho designed living room. Grass wall installation adorned with vibrant, hung macrame wall hangings, juxtaposed against peacock blue sectional sofa with mismatched, multicolored moroccan scatter pillows. A low-profile teardrop coffee table rounded shape on a rug with geometric pattern. Wall leveled shelves with various indoor houseplants with bohemian themed decorated pots sitting on light natural wood shelves and wild overgrowths descending from ceiling to floor.

Boho designed living room. Gold ottoman paired with Aztec printed rug, macrame wall hangings and a vibrant grass and plant wall installation.

Boho designed living room. Large soft-textured neutral toned rug, chunky wooden furniture, haphazardly arranged green-centric grass and plants wall installation, warm earthy hues of cushions and round clustered rattan pendant lights.

Boho living room design. Grass wall installation with intertwined climbing ivy plants and hanging rattan chair.

Boho designed Living Room. Earthy tones for sofas and rugs, accessorized with mix of abstract and tribal patterned cushions, supplemented by eco-friendly furniture in unpolished wood and metallic throw pillows. A wall standout feature of a vertical plant installation, containing various desert grasses and low maintenance green plants against a weathered wood paneled wall. Suspended dream catchers, macrame hanging art and indoor terracotta pots, housing fig trees, round out the boho natural elements. Each piece of wooden furniture distinct in raw finishing touches freshening indoor air quality and establishing effectual character appeal. Strategic lighting fixtures including hurricane lanterns, string lights to amplify the blend of cozy and cool aesthetic. Inartificial fibers like jute or sea-grass to bind the rustic folk-storage setup, garnished by decorated candle holders, to bring striking options in warmth requisite zones to build a crescent of copacetic nuances. Prime liking for colors including white, green, brown and filtered sunlight from bohemia fueling curtains or drapes, to embrace a whole modish rustic allure-thrapeutic chilled out sanctum.

Boho-designed living room. Terracotta sofa with white macrame cushions against a background of grass and hanging fern plants installed on a wooden feature wall.

Boho designed living room. White Turkish rug over weathered wood floor, colorful poufs arranged around low-profile wood coffee table, rattan light fixture, surrounding a grass and leaf patterned wall adorned with a shelf of succulent plants in rustic terra cotta pots.

Boho-designed living room. Pale ivory natural fiber area rug with grass and low-height succulents wall installation.

Boho designed living room. Rustic wooden coffee table, large bay window assembly covered with amber-colored string lights, an oversized lime green armchair in crochet pattern and an eye-catching wall installation made of various types of grasses and hanging potted plants.

Boho designed living room. Cream tone sectional placed against a green-filled plant wall installation complemented by knotted wool floor rug and a vintage macramé hammock chair hung from the ceiling.

Living room design. Bohemian touches such as tan macramé wall hangings, a vintage washed-out rug, rattan furniture pieces. Green element added with large palm tree in artisanal clay pot beside taupe-colored vegan leather couch and ceramic wall-mounted planters with cascading vine plants. Grass wall installation in golden hued frame hanging over a rustic wooden console table.

Living room with boho design. Distressed vintage Persian rug, hanging wenteltrap shell chandelier, macrame hammock chair, reclaimed wood coffee table, floor cushions, and living wall installation, decorated with various types of potted grass and plants.

Boho Living Room design. Worn-leather armchair and crochet ivory pouf next to mounted grass wall featuring hanging succulent plants and an embroidered boho tapestry.

Boho designed Living Room. A large grass and plant wall. Among an array of earth-toned linens and natural materials like wood and rattan. Tulip side table resting on a persian rug with geometric patterns. Walls adorned with string macrame art. Grass and plant wall installation serves as a focus piece of the room between two tall wooden shelves. Round mirror edged with sunlit brass middle of potted hanging plants scattered throughout with an eclectic variety of indoor plants for a lush, earth-driven aesthetic. Beaming country cream painted wooden window frames for additional daylight. Iron openwork coffee tables bordered with coral toned velvet re-upholster vintage sofas supporting canvas typographic accent pillows. A mid-air floating wooden bookshelf emerging emerge between tall viridian plants. Floral-sculpted multicolored chandelier dismantled golden light bulbs drooping from ceiling generate warm light touch. Finally, scattering of green throw-pillow covers and cushion chairs diversified verdant thrill. windows generously open to your terrace flourishing plants for serene and breezy effect.

Living room design. Bohemian-style furnishings with exposed wooden beams, oak double french doors, a plush burgundy throw on the chocolate brown woolen rug. A feature wall filled with vertical garden of succulent greenery, pampas grass and crawling ivy for a nature infused backdrop. Essential for a ambient touch, use votive candles clustered in natural wood log candle holders and punctuate the room artistically with oriental pottery in rust and beige hues.

Living room. Boho design with grass wall installation accent, rattan furniture, and various potted hanging plants.

Living room. Ivory macrame wall hanging nestled against a wall of grass accented with well-placed air plants. Natural wood coffee table with boho-trim cloth, a geometric patterned rug in teal and burnt orange tones, and a minimalist terracotta pot holding a sizable fiddle leaf fig.

Boho designed living room. Terracotta-colored hanging macrame planter house with succulent plants and creepers against a dried Kiwi grass installation on the wall.

Boho Designed Living Room. White macrame wall hangings against the raw wooden wall, a large rattan armchair with ethical colorful throw pillows near tall, lush, potted Monstera plants and grasses, an Aztec pattern tribal rug covering the polished concrete floor, and dainty string of fairy lights twirling across the room.

Boho designed living room. Wooden table with white ceramic vases of cacti and succulents against a wall covered in tall, thick blades of tan prairie grass.

Boho-designed living room. Grass wall installation paired with an off-white macrame hanging, honey-coloured velvet sofa and assorted potted succulents.

Boho living room design. Rattan coffee table with multi-layered plant wall installation using ferns and cascades of ivy. Distressed hardwood flooring accented with a geometric patterned rug in burgundy, navy and ecru. Large southwest inspired throw pillows in mustard and teal velvet. A tapestry wall hanging in bohemian patina hues with abstract ethnic elements forms the centerpiece above a minimalist white sofa sprinkled with contrast colored eclectic cushions for the cabin rustic touch. An extra-large woven basket with overgrown fiddle leaf fig stood beside a leather ottoman acting as the cosy corner pivot. Vintage Moroccan lanterns creating the lighting aspect besides billowing macrame porch hammock giving space dynamic aura.

Living room design. Boho style incorporating a hanging macrame plant holder with ferns against a sage wall adorned with artificial wild grasses.

Living room design. Boho accents, seagrass rug, white macrame wall hanging, emerald velvet sofa, a biophilic large living grass wall adorned with interactive kinetic potted plants designs.

Boho design living room. Wall installation of green ivy and macrame decor against a distressed white wall.

Boho designed living room. Macrame hanging plants against grass wall, tufted cream Moroccan pouf, and burnished teak coffee table.

Boho designed living room. Hanging macramé plant holders with fern and English ivy against a wall of succulent grass.

Boho designed living room. Woven rattan sofa layered with fringed macrame pillows, contrasting with a backdrop of lush ferns embedded within a vertical grass wall.

Boho design living room. Polished wood flooring adorned with a multi-colored Turkish rug, wicker furniture adorned with beige linen cushions, and a grass and plant wall installation composed of ferns, ivy, and moss, with antique lanterns perched on floating shelves. Accessories are ceramic pottery in earth tones arranged on a purposefully distressed coffee table.

Living room design. Boho rug, white futon sofa, glass coffee table and a vertical green wall with grass and mix of hanging plants.

Boho designed living room. Rattan furniture with wall installation of hanging lush green vines and pampas grass, surrounded by ceramic potted plants.

Boho designed living room. Grass wall installation accented by charm-laden drifting houseplants, neutral-toned macrame rug, and vibrant botanical print curtains.

Living room design. Bohemian style with earth-toned floor cushions, macrame hung hammock and stacked epiphytical tall green plant installation wall feature.

Boho designed living room. A Green velvet couch surrounded by Indoor Grass wall with functionally placed potted monstera and snake plants.

Living room design. Arrange low gray daybed covered with colorful macramé and patterned Ikat cushions opposite artificial grass and plants wall and vintage Turkish rugs on wooden floor.

Boho-designed Living Room. Grass wall installation on one side, decorated with hanging potted fern plants, an off-white crochet-knotted hammock in the corner, chunky knit poufs made from sun-bleached yarns, and vintage persian rugs in eclectic colors on rustic hardwood floors.

Boho-designed living room. Indoor hammock with macramé detailing, pallet coffee table with terracotta pot, grass and plants wall installation using fern and eucalyptus species.

Boho designed living room. Cushioned wicker armchair with off-white woven fringes, macramé wall decor, terracotta carpet with ethnic print, and vertical indoor grass and plant installation covering one wall.

Boho designed Living Room with Grass and Plants wall installation. A room filled with warm beige furniture accented with tassels, timber oriental-style coffee tables, hanging macrame terrariums, a large areca palm in the corner, eclectic vintage bookshelf full of books trattled with intertwined ivy, cinnamon colored Moroccan area rug on the floor and a widespread blush grass wall installation full of different plants securing the dominant boho touch, under warm and inviting copper pendant lighting.

Boho designed Living Room with Grass and Plants wall installation. Handwoven Moroccan rug, large facing sectional in earthy linen, coffee table constructed from natural driftwood, floor-to-ceiling artisanal ratan plant stand adorned with crawling ivy and ferns, oversized hanging macramé light fixture, and vintage sepia-toned maps hung on grasscloth wallpaper.

Boho Living Room. Grass wall with sea-grass cushions and hanging macrame plant holders.

Living room design. Antique wooden coffee table, potted ferns, vertical herb garden wall.

Boho living room design. Seagrass wall hanging above the terracotta-colored sofa framed by potted palms

Boho-designed living room. Neutral-tone rag rug, ivory macramé wall-hanging, bamboo coffee table, wall installation of large irregular-shaped grass patches interspersed with hanging succulents.

Boho designed living room. Cerulean rug with white intricately woven patterns. Earthy brown leather couch and geometric brass light fixtures. Adorned by textured grass wall panels highlighting subtle tints of green. Includes sleek wooden furniture peppered with large potted tropical plants like a birds of paradise and fiddle leaf figs blending into the backdrop of lush plant wall coverings. Furnished with woven macrame hangings, elephant and leaf wooden-carved wall panels articulating an elegantly raw atmosphere. Throw Pillow accents feature combinations of plum, caramel, sleek black, and off-white hues embodying Native American symbols to recreate the balance between color and design. Bright white large Spanish style windows let in a shimmering flood of natural light blending into the surroundings drowning the room in warmth. Amber glass bottles with wildflowers are dotted along tall wooden shelves resembling surprise dashes of vibrant colors against calmer affectations.

Boho-designed living room. Warm-toned vintage rug, hardwood flooring, mid-century modern teal sofa, leather ottoman with a glass top as a coffee table, woven rattan armchairs with white cushioning, round metal side table holding a string of pearls succulent, against the wall stands a creative grass and plant wall installation.

Boho living room design. Dark wood console table, leather pouf ottomans, macrame rug, plant prints in slim black frames, bamboo hanging coin light fixture, grass wall installation highlighted by track lights.

Boho designed living room. Natural wood coffee table, macramé wall hanging, off-white woolen area rug, rattan swing chair, echoes of turquoise accents and wall exclusively adorned with hanging greenery and crawling vines increasing robust nature vibes.

Boho designed living room. Cream macrame hanging against a grass and plant wall installation, plush Kilim rug laid on the rich teakwood floor, coupled with oversized throw pillows in an eclectic mix of earth tones and a rattan coffee table showcasing a small assemblage of terracotta plant pots with trailing succulents.

Living room design. Boho-style decorative elements arranged in earth-tone color palette, including a vintage leather couch, low ethnic coffee table, colourful throw cushions with geometric motifs, turkish rug, floor cushions and carefully arranged wall installation of cascading greenery trails.

Boho design living room. Round coffee table centered on natural grass rug, placed in front of moss-and-fern green wall. Pastel throw pillows stacked on vintage, cream-colored tufted couch. Elm floating shelves showcase array of foliage-like artisan vases, terracotta pots, and glass terrariums filled with ivy and succulents. Bronze floor lamp with bare Edison bulb nestled closely to the record shelf composed of repurposed timber. Ornate macramé weaving hangs masterpiece-style above light rustic couch, perfectly offset by wall's heroic mural of intertwined roots and plants endorsing a feeling-scape of window view into sprawling enchanted woods.

Boho-designed living room. A large live grass accent wall with hanging macrame plant holders containing lush green plants and the stressed leather ottoman under them.

Boho designed living room. Grass and plants wall installation with colorful tufted cushions on a mid-century modern sofa.

Living room design. A sprawling moss wall balanced out with earth-toned Bohemian furniture.

Boho designed living room. Reclaimed wood coffee table, weathered beige sectional sofa, Aztec printed area rug, and grassy green botanical wall installation.

Boho designed Living Room. Cowhide rug, round rattan coffee table, light gray Shepherd's hut 'L' shaped couch, large banana leaf wall installation coupled with string fairy lights.

Boho designed living room. Green velvet sofa with fringe, a brass coffee table, cream shag rug, and accented grass and plant wall installation.

Living room design. Hammock styled swing chair with grass wall backdrop, succulent plant arrangements, and neutral-hued bohemian throw pillows.

Boho designed living room. Unfinished hard wood center table, dried grass wall installation, leather macrame plant hangers holding varied pot plants, white shaggy rugs over tapestry kilim carpets, iron frame low seat accent chairs furnished with multicolored anthropomorphic pattern pillows.

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