45 Inspirations for Living Rooms With Boho Artwork

The world of home decor is ever-evolving, but one timeless trend seems to reside forever – Boho artwork! Immerse yourself in the vibrant whirl of cultures by delving into the realm of 45 inspirational boho-themed living rooms that will make for a fascinating tour right from your screen!

Living room. Large macrame wall hanging on a white wall.

Living room. Jade green sofa with abstract boho-inspired canvas art.

Living room. White cotton sofa with tribal print pillows, natural wood coffee table, white shaggy rug, and bold boho wall art.

Living room. Vintage Moroccan rug, potted snake plant, and a patchwork tapestry wall-hanging in earthy tones.

Living room. Vintage leather sofa, marigold knit throw blanket, faded tribal area rugs, mismatching scatter cushions and abstract boho canvas art on a washed out teal wall.

Living room. Abstract mandala artwork on a distressed wooden wall with oversized floor cushions in varying earth tone colors.

Living room. White macrame wall hanging above teal cast iron daybed.

Living room. Exposed brick wall with a psychedelic tapestry.

Living room. Morrocan rug with mid-century modern couch under a gallery wall of vintage boho tapestries.

Living room. Vibrant tribal rug, white cushioned couch, mango wood coffee table, hanging macrame tapestry.

Living room. Jewel-toned throw rugs covered floor with large, circular, abstract bohemian artwork hanging above a taupe leather sofa.

Living room with boho artwork. Central tall brick fireplace adorned with a vividly coloured abstract tapestry.

Living room. Mixed pattern pillows on a rattan couch, tucked against a white, weathered brick wall with hanging boho woven wall tapestry.

Living room. Weathered saddle brown leather couch against an exposed brick wall featuring a large hand-woven tribal tapestry in earth tones.

Living room. Antique Turkish rug with tarnished bronze coffee table showcasing a vibrant boho fabric wall hanging.

Living room. Dark wooden coffee table with asymmetrically draped light peach tasselled rug and an angler floor lamp, a large Boho mandala wall hanging in muted Earth tones as the centerpiece, patterned cushions in desert hues on neutral grey couch, and Pampas grass in a woven basket in the corner.

Living room. Soft white macrame wall hangings on terracotta walls with a green velvet couch, surrounded by bamboo accent furniture.

Living room. velvet green couch with large Macramé wall hanging art.

Living room with boho artwork. Macrame wall hanging on butter yellow wall.

Living room. Rattan armchair next to antique Moroccan side table bearing a cacti arrangement, in front of a minimalist chestnut round frame containing colorful bohemian-style textile wall piece hung on beige-painted wall.

Living room. Cream carpet, emerald green velvet sofa, colorful geometric pattern boho artwork.

Living Room. Mustard yellow couch, multicolor Boho wall hanging tapestry, burnished gold ochre coffee table.

Living room. Neutral-colored fabric sofa with macramé throw pillows, wooden coffee table, natural jute rug, hanging rattan lamp, and colorfully framed geometric mandala artwork.

Living room. Indigo macrame wall hanging.

Living room. Whitewashed wooden coffee table with antique gold metal accents, plush oatmeal-colored sectional sofa, layered Persian rugs in jewel-tones, distressed terracotta tile floor, and a gallery wall featuring a mix of vintage, tribal-inspired drawings and contemporary abstract paintings in lush earthy hues.

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