35+ Beautiful Pink Nursery Inspirations

Welcome to the realm of pink nurseries, where elegance meets joy and affection. If you are looking for inspirations to create a dreamy sanctuary for your little one, you are at the right place. Here, we’ve curated a list of 46 beautiful pink nursery ideas that are simply irresistible, covering a range from subtle blush tones to vibrant hot pinks.

Modern pink nursery. Soft pink wall with abstract Empty blue patterned armchair dominates the window wall. Sheer white curtains flow from a matte black curtain rod. Monochrome geometric print rug shapes the wooden floor. Pale wooden crib places beside chest of drawers with tjejersthemes handles. Artistic black and white photo gallery put on wall to right. A large ornamental Monstera plant flavors tin a woven basket in the corner.

Modern Pink Nursery. Blush colored feature wall with minimalist animal prints. White modern crib with soft pink crib sheet against it. On the crib hangs a fragile-looking origami crane mobile. A cushioned rocking chair next to the crib, upholstered in powder pink. Blond veneer laminated floating bookshelf filled with children's books. Wallpapered second half of the room with different shades of smoky pink geometric pattern. A spacious fur area rug under a marbled white kids play table with pastel seating. Ornate white molding surrounding the floor, windows and doors. A single full-sized window letting in warm sunlight, framed with oversized billowy ruffled sheer drapery that drapes on the herringbone floor. White cabinet with glass doors filled with stuffed animals at the far edge of the room next a pink shaded tall stand lamp. Glossy hateshinai away from the cabinet revealing the reading and playing area in the center with an abstract shaped daybed edged with plush pillows specifically in azalea pink, ballet slipper pink and coral blush. From the ceiling hangs a playful pendant lamp with paper butterflies in a different size over the daybed.

Modern pink nursery. Full-length glass window, light pink walls adorned with abstract artwork, a grand chandelier with white lilies dangling from it, cherry wood crib with white bedding positioned at the center, a soft plush white rug lying beneath, fluffy white swivel chair in the corner, wall-to-wall light brown carpeting and distinct small unicorn sculptures spread across the room.

Modern pink nursery. Off-white cribs, plush dusty pink rocking chair, minimalist oak wood shelves featuring alphabet blocks, and pastel color book-covers facing outwards. White wall decorated with various pastel-colored paintings in gold frames, underpinning a pink curtained square window with dazzling rays of sunlight. Misty rose color gradient rug with an overhanging ceiling mobile featuring tiny golden origami stars. Transparent globe pendant light reflecting in near left corner full-length mirror. Linen pantry baskets spotted near freestanding pink leaf tree housed near the door.

Modern Pink Nursery. Light pink walls, a white baby cot with polka dot bedding set standing in the center, a sleek grey rocking chair, a white cupboard filled with toys, overhead soft-muted light fixtures, birch hardwood flooring with a fluffy cloud-shaped rug, and floor to ceiling windows draped in translucent white curtains offering a panoramic view of the urban city skyline.

Modern Pink Nursery. Glass-shuttered French windows with pool outside view, blush pink wall with abstract wall hanging, iconic Acapulco chair in rose quartz color, white marble floor with geometric pattern rug in soft hues, grey hemnes crib on one side underneath a gold wire globe mobile, Scandinavian bookshelves filled with book stacks and soft toys.

Modern pink nursery. Pale pink walls with a rose gold crib, grey chevron rug, and ivory rocking chair by a wide window showing city skyline.

Wide view of Modern Pink Nursery. Soft pink painted walled nursery with white cribs positioned centrally, featuring large bay windows for natural daylight, minimalistic plush toys placed unobtrusively around, and abstract yet playful artwork hung tastefully above the crib.

Modern Pink Nursery. Pale pink walls adorned with white cloud decals, plush pastel area rug, crisp white crib accented with gold detailing, sofa bed with throw pillows in various shades of pink, framed children's prints on walls, minimalist wooden chest of drawers, whitewashed parquet flooring, sheer white flowing curtains and clutter-free space.

Modern pink nursery. Pale pink wall with abstract animal wall decals, white modern-style crib and fluffy shag rug, generous sunlight through a large window overlooking a lush garden.

Modern Pink Nursery. Blush pink walls with a white crib, animal-themed wall art, geometric patterned rug, and knitted seat pouf.

Modern pink nursery. Baby crib beneath a white chandelier, soft salmon pinks cascading over the pine wooden floor with a vantage view out large white-framed windows to green tree bedding.

Modern pink nursery. Rose-hued walls, white square pattern rug, floating wooden shelves filled with plush toys.

Modern pink nursery. pastel pink walls with a Scandinavian style crib, a sophisticated rocking chair, dotted pattern blush curtains, a light peach geometric rug, and minimalistic pastel art pieces on the walls.

Modern pink nursery. Mauve-colored accent wall with an abstract, geometric mural, a Scandinavian-style white crib, a mesh tulle canopy hanged upon the crib, a collection of plush rabbits in varying sizes scattered on a natural wool carpet, bookshelves mounted asymetrically filled with baby's pictorial books, a pale pink, tufted ottoman paired with a white plush rocking chair, soft natural lighting coming from a large picture window presenting a view of a private garden.

Wide view of modern pink nursery. Geometric patterned rug in neutral tones, paired with mid-century style light wood crib. Sheer white curtains against a muted pink colored wall, decorated with gold star decals. The changing table is white with woven storage baskets in macramé hangers. Wall-mounted mirror in ornate gold frame is above the change table. Plush gray rocking chair in the corner, near a tall green potted plant. Hanging white ceiling light fixture in the shape of fluffy clouds.

Modern Pink Nursery. Light pink walls accented with a grey geometric pattern rug, a white crib against the wall with sheer white curtains hanging on the windows for ample daylight. A puffy plush grey rocking chair sits next to a sleek white nightstand, topped with a contemporary lamp with metallic finishes. The room's atmosphere plush and aesthetically contrasting confidently with the bold gender-neutral artwork adorning the walls.

Modern pink nursery. Light salmon pink walls and a white cylindrical crib, a geometric patterned gray rug, a contemporary wall mounted bookshelf and a pair of small baby pink armchairs.

Modern pink nursery. Whitewashed crib set on shag rug, soft pastel paisley curtains streaming natural light on rose-tinted walls adorned with abstract watercolor paintings. Miniature hot pink rocking chair cornered besides white sizeable square storage filled with plush toys. Framed pastel world map on oyster white side cabinet complementing with the mirthful pastel patterned jumbo throw pillow. Sea-foam green bobble poufs seated around daisy white easy-to-clean modern coffee table with a porcelain elephant piggy bank for added charm. Pink and aqua braided crib bumpers undershadowing light daisy pink breath mobile. Ultra bright LED sputnik chandelier cozily sits just above the nursery main area showcasing the wide view on full visual bloom evening-enhanced by gentle sunset tones streaming in from the oversized double hung window-doors collaborating for an aesthetically pleasing modern soothe.

Modern Pink Nursery. Zulu pink pastel colored walls enhancing the contemporary cribs coated in glossy white finish with soft pink and white striped wallpaper addressing a ceiling, broad multicolored swirling abstract area rug beneath porcelain white designer chair with fringed throw pillow position next to a chalk white window letting plenty of natural light emphasizing long sheer knee height curtains with gentle finger pinched pleats, next to a cylinder shape flower vase showcasing succulent blush pink flora, plush toys of differing probability ensuring the room's zestfulness while a walnut wooden floor flair indulges crisp feel magnificently across the room canvas.

Wide view of Modern Pink Nursery. Pastel pink painted walls with a contrasting white rustic wooden crib and matching changing table accessorized with soft grey and metallic sterling silver nursery decor elements. A geometric-patterned grey area rug covers the wooden floor, tied together with fluffy cloud-shaped plush decorations hanging from the ceiling overhead. Large, light-facing windows with light blush-coloured breezy curtains bathe the nursery in natural light, completing the delicate ambiance.

Modern Pink Nursery. White crib with pink beddings set against light pink walls, a shaggy white nursery rug situated on brown wooden flooring, and one large window draped in sheer white curtains allowing natural lighting to accent a gold and pink chandelier.

Modern Pink Nursery. Floor-to-ceiling wall with polka dot pattern 

Modern Pink Nursery. Light oak wooden cradle 

Modern Pink Nursery. Sheepskin carpet in pastel pink.

Modern Pink Nursery. Wall art with shades of blush and mauve. 

Modern Pink Nursery. Twin-sized white wooden day-bed. 

Modern Pink Nursery. Hanging paper lanterns in various shades of pink.

Modern Pink Nursery. Modern rectilinear white and grey rug.

Modern Pink Nursery. Off-white armchair with a pastel pink throw pillow.

Wide view of modern pink nursery. Pastel pink single canopy bed centered against a mural of golden star accents with soft plush white carpets covering the polished dark timber floor. Wall to wall white wooden built-in wardrobes flank the sides of a rose-gold rocking chair beside a walnut-finished convertible crib in the corner, illuminated from above by a modern, geometric copper pendant light. Two sizeable symmetrically placed, rounded, frosted windows grant nutshell glimpses of a serene minuscule vintage garden against an apricot evening heavens. Greenery and plants such as a potted fiddle-leaf fig and flower plushy on the side or runner bean plants on white hanging baskets breathe life into the room. Save for pastel accent pillows here and there, delightful chalk white dominates the look, with fleeting blush tones in décor artefacts setting the precious contrast points. The lofty ceiling mocks the oversized pink-gold splash-patterned rug on the floor. Fresh and frilly white flowing curtains shyly hang off the sides of both windows inviting all natural sunlight filaments dancing curly patterns including on a whimsical hand-painted white and pink cottage-style dresser draped with pastel pompom buntings swaying alongside vintage white china bunnies and stuffed animals positioned at different nooks. Petal pink combined with snowy white lends ethereal beauty to this spacious nursery designed for endless plays, giggles, and serene sleep.

Modern Pink Nursery. A panoramic view featuring blush pink walls, white floor-to-ceiling curtains, and a mid-century styled crib with striped linen. Fills the room with an array of delicate dangling mobiles, a plush area rug with subtle geometric patterns, and small gold-accented furniture.

Wide view of modern pink nursery. Pale pink walls, minimalist white oak crib, geometric-patterned gray rug, and a white plush rocking elephant.

Modern pink nursery. Rose-colored circular rug, gray rocking chair, white wooden cribs with soft-pink bedding, neighboring a toy chest filled with stuffed animals against a wall with geometric-patterned wallpaper. Large window letting in natural light enriches the peach pink hues in the room.

Wide view of modern pink nursery. Baby pink walls adorned with white geometric polka dots, white abstract style wooden crib on a grey rug, small white polymer rocking horse, glossy pastel pink ceramic flower pot with large monstera plant in the background, golden framed pastel watercolor artwork on the wall opposite to bright multi-pan type window through which day light filters.

Wide view of modern pink nursery. Pastel-pink simply designed cribs in the center, white cloud mobiles hanging above, soft grey rocking chair near the circular window with soft white silk curtains, pink-and-white chevron rug on light wooden floor.

Wide view of modern pink nursery. Glass chandelier, crib with cotton bumper pads in pastel prints, thick plush blanket in pale pink dipped casually over the velvet rocker. Glossy white floor th extends also in bright hardwood, surrounded by large area rug in contemporary pattern consisting of vessels and arrows that entries into the mid-century dresser in melt gray. Dark pink curtains hanging from the high ceiling by the tall windows shedding inward soft natural light. Walls in the Gulf pattern parenthood dedicated warmer pink tones facilitate retro coziness to the white bulky cubbies situated for organization and finishing filling the outline of birch tree pink wallpaper dividing behind. A mobile caring fuchsia feather and gold accents dangling over the crib with paced soft music filtering into the while for serenity. Vibrant chaperoning on some wingspan flamingo wall decal elegant peeking from the luvprinted peel-offs sticker rush. Silk printed rug reading some quotations tossed casually nearer over tea table into the farthest corner pure artwork01 by rose continue positioned scattered abstract mirror veneer lower in blush colored crib monochromatic hangs farther next towards the mustard yellow ottoman seating. The glow ring lamp set indirect mood shadow attributing in the fashionable halfway peninsula drifted decorated stand around the seating arrangements material shelved filled bump natural playing toys and feeding accessories. Clean fashioned diaper changes angled pad tensely chilling the unisex bureau dolls immaculated wearing with drawer organized cleanliness soaking decorated Agave Americana Pant styled next to Sill looks. Simplified area grand keyboard division navigating the right offering toy Bakewell stationery area peaks permission blends into pure rose solidic hued dormouse designs in gold dipped lawyer Indian complemented woodworking Teak travels inward invites some crisp view metallic tone Paisley printed restraints freshly brisk organized save breastfeeding multi-versatile cozy wrap station attributing digital nurse the dedicated Andes appointed category evident lithium economised hardly escape facilitating fully framed tall music floating deigning entertaining drools springtime require elegance lighting visibility_role wrapping single rolled mattress simplified trio framed Presswood dipped stands enterprises comfortable linen dedicated balancing von prospect affaires classy supervised active wraps requested classy dice edVenturing safeguard toddler reachable palmy arrivals Duo sculptures Ringbelle towards heighted sculpturing concentrated struck LED lit concentrated sporting adorable toddler toys standings rendered La Manu direct accenting揉捏 building background reflection decipher fades towards direction ornaments lamp holders.

Modern Pink Nursery. Rose-colored walls, furniture in light natural wood, abstract silver mobile adorn cot at the far right corner, blush throw rug on polished wooden flooring, minimal white shelving with a few, neatly arranged toys and baby books, natural light filling the room through the sheer white curtains of a large window on the left wall.

Modern Pink Nursery. White crib against a wall with flamingo-patterned wallpaper.

Modern pink nursery. Pastel pink walls with geometric gray patterns, a white rocking chair set up nearby a silver and white crib, along with a fluffy white area rug, over rich, dark wooden floors.

Wide view of Modern Pink Nursery. Floor-length powder pink curtains on a large window, centrally-placed white crib with pink and white bedding, stark white walls with a single wall featuring a subtle pink geometric wallpaper, a cozy beige armchair with a small white side table and a towering white bookcase filled with colorful children's books.

Wide view of Modern Pink Nursery. Pale pink walls with frame-less abstract art, minimalist white baby crib flanked by muted gold geometric pendant lights, floor-to-ceiling curtains in blush, angled ceiling painted soft white, plush gray area rug with tribal pattern, white floorboards and a natural wood rocking chair in corner with a tall ficus tree beside it.

Modern Pink Nursery. Rose-tinted walls, white cradle with light pink canopy, pastel geometric rug and grey rocking chair facing floor-to-ceiling window with city skyline.

Modern pink nursery. A geometric patterned area rug in shades of blush and cream, under a gray mid-century modern crib with rose quartz sheets. By the white-trimmed powdery pigment pink wall, a pink quilted rocking chair with metallic gold accents stands next to a pure white changing table with sleek pinewood hourglass-shaped legs and gold pulls. Antique gold leaf mirror and canvas paintings constituting of soft pinks, whites, and tints of cream adorn the walls. Plush ultramarine blue elephant toy rests by the pastel pink oversized polygon wire-binish kid lamp sitting atop a compact storage shelf.

Wide view of a modern pink nursery. Soft pink walls adorned with geometric gold wall decals, a white crib with pastel pink bedding nestled by the window, a fluffy white rug with sparkling clean hardwood floor underfoot, minimalistic wooden floating shelves adorned with small children's books and toys on the white wall opposite a plush blush glider correcting slope.

Modern Pink Nursery. Wide view highlighting a plush soft pink rug, sleek white crib rimmed with light wooden accents, a gentle pastel pink vertical-pane accent wall with decorated shelves, and a round blush pedant light hovering above the romantic light grey pursuit yarn comfortable pouf.

Nursery. Blush pink crib with white bedding

Nursery. Pastel pink wall with elephant decals.

Nursery. Baby pink walls with white wooden crib and soft grey woolen rug.

Nursery. Pastel pink walls with white woodland animal stencils.

Nursery. Baby girl lounging chair in soft pink color.

Nursery. Baby pink painted walls with white vintage furniture sets.

Nursery. Pastel pink walls with white crown molding

Nursery. Pastel pink crib with white lace canopy

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