27 Boho Kitchens With Moroccan Wall Tiles

Step into the whimsical world of Bohemian decor, where creativity reigns and style is boundless. Our latest feature takes you through 27 Boho Kitchens that are anything but ordinary. Each one is a rich tapestry of color, texture, and design, with Moroccan wall tiles taking center stage.

Boho kitchen. Turquoise Moroccan tile backsplash, warm wooden countertops, patterned rug, hanging wicker lamps.

Boho Kitchen. Moroccan tile backsplash in shades of turquoise and rust.

Boho Kitchen. Wooden open shelving, Morrocan tile backsplash in deep sea blue color, large T-shaped marble island, hanging macrame plant holders with green herbs, and copper accents throughout.

Boho Kitchen. White cabinets with cobalt blue Moroccan tile backsplash.

Boho kitchen. Terra cotta Morrocan tile backsplash with hanging copper pots and succulents.

Boho kitchen. White wall, black woodwork with blue, green and yellow Moroccan tiles.

Boho kitchen. Forest green Moroccan tiles, cream rustic cabinets, rattan stools, and hanging herb planter.

Boho kitchen. Light wooden cabinets with blue and gold geometric Moroccan tiles.

Boho Kitchen. Terracotta Moroccan style tile backsplash, open natural wood shelves, a large rustic dining table, and woven rattan bar stools.

Boho kitchen. Burnt orange terra cotta floor with Morrocan mosaic tile detailing. White open shelves against deep cobalt blue wall showcasing earthenware ceramics. Central island with reclaimed wood surface amidst potted succulents and cacti. Walls decorated with Turkish tapestries and macrame hangers. Fading antique rug situated under a distressed wood dinner table accompanied by mismatched restored antique chairs. Single naked light bulb hanging down from the ceiling, surrounded by handmade string chandelier.

Boho kitchen. Coastal tone Morrocan tiles flooring with help Island and potted bottom pine near door.

Boho Kitchen. Raw timber open-shelves and Hexagonal Moroccan tiled backsplash in earthy hues.

Boho kitchen. Rustic wood cabinets with turquoise Morrocan tiles.

Boho Kitchen. Terracotta colored Morrocan tile backsplash with vintage mint green cabinets.

Boho Kitchen. Cream cabinets with terracotta Moroccan tiles.

Boho Kitchen. butcher-block countertops with blue and white Moroccan wall tiles.

Boho kitchen. Rustic wooden table and chairs with Moroccan wall tiles in blue and yellow patterns.

Boho kitchen. White cabinets with colorful moroccan wall tiles.

Boho Kitchen. Cobalt blue Moroccan wall tiles with white geometric designs, adorned with copper kitchen utensils hanging on rustic wooden hooks.

Boho kitchen. Teal and yellow Colored Moroccan wall tiles, distressed wood cabinets, earthy toned ceramic dishes.

Boho Kitchen. Natural wood cabinets with multicolored Moroccan wall tiles.

Boho kitchen. Rustic wooden island with Moroccan boho wall tiles, and bronze wall hanging utensils.

Boho kitchen. Vintage wooden cabinets with azure Moroccan wall tiles.

Boho Kitchen. Carved wooden countertops with turquoise Moroccan wall tiles.

Boho kitchen. Reclaimed wood barstools, marble countertops, brass light fixtures, Moroccan wall tiles in turquoise and white design, woven baskets as storage, large leafy houseplant in a corner.

Boho kitchen. Coastal accents and teal Moroccan tiles.

Boho kitchen. Raw wood open shelves with decluttered clean white wares, framed by intricately patterned Moroccan wall tiles in vibrant hues of ultramarine and verdant greens.

Boho kitchen. Colorful ornate Moroccan wall tiles, open wooden shelves and natural fiber wicker pendant lights.

Boho kitchen design. Rectangular Moroccan wall tiles in bold blue with intricate white floral patterns.

Boho kitchen. Cowhide-patterned rug, high top wooden table with macrame table runner, light brown rattan chairs, and indigo blue Moroccan wall tiles decorated with white traditional quotes.

Boho kitchen. Dark wood cabinets with terra cotta Moroccan wall tiles and brass fixtures.

Boho kitchen. Cobalt blue Moroccan wall tiles with white cabinets and driftwood accents.

Boho Kitchen. Teal Moroccan backsplash tiles with gold pendant lights.

Boho Kitchen. Rich emerald Moroccan tiles with intricate white floral patterns.

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