24 Adorable Boho Nursery Designs and Tips

Looking for a sprinkle of magic, a world of wonder, and endless enchantment for your little one’s sanctuary? Dive into our list of 24 Boho Nursery Ideas to create a well-curated, whimsical space that spurs the imagination while ensuring comfort and practicality. Our curation is sure to inspire the inner bohemian in you to play with prints, textures, and soothing colors.

Boho nursery. Pastel macrame wall hanging.

Boho nursery. Pastel pink macrame wall hanging.

Boho nursery. Pastel teepee play tent with plum feather prints.

Boho nursery. Wooden crib with pastel pink dream catcher.

Boho Nursery. Whitewashed wooden crib with pastel pink Bohemian-style drapes.

Boho Nursery. Hanging macrame mobile over pastel mint Zoology convertible crib.

Boho nursery. Pastel rainbow mural with plush cream teepee.

Boho nursery. Pastel pink teepee with macrame wall hanging.

Boho nursery. Macrame wall hanging on pastel green wall.

Boho nursery. Pastel green teepee with macrame wall hanging.

Boho nursery. Wooden crib with powder blue dream catcher.

Boho nursery. Pastel mint teepee setup.

Boho nursery. Pastel tepee tent with vintage patchwork rug.

Boho nursery. Pastel yellow, rattan bassinet, and fabric pendant lamp.

Boho Nursery. Baby crib with white canopy and pastel-colored rainbow wall art.

Boho nursery. Baby pink teepee pastel olive green wall.

Boho nursery. Gender-neutral cone-shaped teepee in pastel yellow.

Boho nursery. Pastel yellow macrame wall hanging.

Boho nursery. Blush pink teepee with fairylights.

Boho nursery. Pastel peach teepee with macrame hanging details.

Boho nursery. Pastel green blanket on a distressed white wood crib.

Boho Nursery. Macrame mobile over a pastel green crib.

Boho Nursery. Teal Arch-shaped crib with pastel pink and mint macrame wall hangings.

Boho nursery. Teepee tent in pastel peach color.

Boho nursery. A light pink rattan bassinet with macrame hangings.

Boho nursery. White teepee, pastel-painted tribal art on wall, plush floor pillows.

Boho nursery. Pastel turquoise teepee tent with hanging wooden beads.

Boho nursery. Pastel dream catcher, feather mobile.

Boho nursery. Pastel macrame wall hanging on whitewashed wood.

Boho Nursery. Pastel-colored macramé wall hanging with wooden shelves.

Boho nursery. Pastel pink macrame wall hanging.

Boho Nursery. Fringed hammock in pastel purple.

Boho nursery. Pastel mauve teepee with cream accents and soft textures.

Boho nursery. Soft pink macrame wall hanging.

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