15+ Blue Glamping Design Ideas

Dive into a world where aesthetics meets adventure in our latest piece featuring 21 Blue-Themed Glamping sites you simply can’t ignore. These exceptional locations offer a harmonious blend of outdoor thrill and Instagramworthy vistas, capturing the imagination of adventure-seekers and style mavens alike.

Blue themed glamping. Navy blue outdoor canvas tent accented with chamomile flowers and porcelain lanterns.

Blue themed glamping scene. Accessories of gingham blue tablecloth set under string fairy lights broadcasting ethereal tone and a melodious atmosphere, adorned further by a collection of glass jars housing light blue hydrangea blossoms resting on the table. Hanging from towering trees are blue mason jar candle holders twirling lightly with the night grace. Festooned at a desirable distance, voluminous light blue fabric tents pitched securely on the verdure under the sparkling cloak of cosmos. Around the mystic glamping plot, clusters of blue-tinted glass decorations on soft blue ornate metal stands mark the boundary. Overall, a serene show of azure decor instilling tranquility among nature's cradle.

Glamping setup. Royal blue tents accented with white and gold lanterns hanging from the tops, adorned with string fairy lights in cool white. Arrangements of hydrangea flowers in various shades of blue dot the surrounding area. The tables are set with gold-edged blue china and blue tinted candle holders housing white candles. Lastly, table scatter, related to nature theme like printed images of stars and moons (in blues, silvers and golds) and small shiny pebbles round out the arrangement.

Blue themed glamping. Indigo hydrangea centerpieces on white, crochet table cloth under seaside sunset lighting.

Blue themed glamping. baby blue tinted hanging lanterns scattered in the roofs of white canvas bell tents.

Glamping scene. Twinkling fairy lights draped around a sturdy, midnight blue canvas tent. A scattering of cobalt lanterns cast a whimsical glow over the setup. Navy and sky blue cushions of various sizes and patterns are scattered inside the tent, inviting relaxation. A cerulean glass vase filled with grand hydrangea fantasies, reminiscent of southeast misty mornings, stands as centerpiece on a low, rustic wooden table. Icy Blue vintage metal chairs sit around a campfire, twinkling from the gentle embrace of sapphire starlit candles.

Blue themed glamping. Cerulean fairy lights draped over royal blue glossy tents set against a background adorned with bouquets of sky blue hyacinths and mountain blue delphiniums. At every corner, vintage cerulean gas lanterns provide a subdued glow, while glass mason jars filled with stead electric sea blue candles dot pathway borders. Tables lie under white-dotted blue neck curtains, laid with plates propped onto white coasters and blue-themed nutrient tablewares, completed by a dusty-blue-cloth-dressed table furnished with winter bell flower vases. A prominent cobalt and azure Native Indian rug blanketing the center of this setting enhances cohesiveness and a festive warmth. Royal blue and white cushion-filled tepees sporting hanging dreamcatchers are neatly arranged in a circular cadre. A backdrop skyline dotted with twinkling stars ties up everything into this unmissable monochromatic chips party.

Glamping decoration. Royal blue yurt with pale blue fairy lights strewn around the entrance.

Glamping theme. Sapphire blue tent with a flower garland around the entrance, complemented by flickering candlelight reflecting off antique bronze lanterns and twinkling fairy lights intertwined in nearby trees.

Glamping decoration. Hampton blue wrought iron lanterns filled with aromatic blueberry delight candles.

Blue themed glamping. An impressive mantle of delicate, pale-blue hydrangeas scattered across decorative lantern-lit tables adorned with cerulean blueberry scented candles, surrounded by majestic navy blue tepees with strings of twinkling LED fairy lights in cooler tones, draped all around the site.

Glamping setup. Sky-blue tinted boho tent with silk drapery, nestled in a backdrop of campanula blue bell flowers under a night sky lit with indigo fairy lights mixed in. Sunflower-yellow pillar candles on a draped white-washed trestle table completed with a trail of centaurea cyanus (cornflower) petal centerpiece.

Glamping setup. Baby blue tent accented with string fairy lights and a vase filled with blue hydrangeas.

Blue themed glamping. Cornflower blue tents adorned with garlands of monochromatic blue hydrangeas, bouquets of indigo and powder blue delphinium dispersed throughout the area, tiffany blue cushions scattered semi-circularly around a skyline blue flower-festooned circle of vanilla bean candles casting a calming soft light.

Blue themed glamping setup. Navy blue tipi with white fairy light drapery, aqua chrysanthemums scattered throughout the interior, royal blue padded foam sleeping pads and flickering tealight candles inside mini blue mason jar lanterns.

Glamping setup. Classical canvas bell tent adorned with blue hydrangea garlands, soft glow of scattered blue candles, decorative bunting in shades of navy blue, sky blue fairy lights draped artistically.

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