12 Boho DIY Glamping Designs

Looking to embrace the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort? Welcome to the luxurious world of glamping! With astounding designs that offer the perfect blend of nature and comfort, glamping has revolutionized the way we camp.

In this article, we’ll unveil 13 amazing glamping designs, And the secret of how you can do it yourself!

Glamorous interior of a tent. Flowing chiffon parachuted decorations contrast against canvas tent walls accompanied by a chain of warm tinted fairy lights hanging from the apex. Centered in the tent lie handmade blankets patterned in floral and henna prints resting on Persian Carnation Pink carpets. Floor nestled cushions provide images of intricate herringbone patterns. A brass tray coffee table shows carved floral details centralized knowing itself to hold both delicately embossed teapot sets and few wrapped Antique hard cover bounded books of classic literature. Cast ironed pots passionately present favored flora of ferns and English ivies contributing a natural aroma. A glass terrarium peach light sits hidden between variations of cushions, pooling gentle subtlety of color in the significant setting comforted by broad sequined embellished mandala brushed Kilim pillows.

To create a luxurious yet practical tent setup, start by choosing a spacious canvas tent for its durability and style.

Glamorous tent interior. Bluebell color blankets and mauve faux suede pillows arranged under a string of twinkling fairy lights, four jade leafy plants placed strategically, a pile of hardcover detective novels, geometric design decorations beautifying the corners.

Glamorous tent interior. Marquee with indoor trailing ivy vines, paisley pattern blanket, tall brass candle holder, open Dante's Divine Comedy, teal velvet diamond stitched pillow, and Edison bulb light string adorning canvas walls.

Interior of a tent. Velvet blankets and gold pillows, draped string of fairy lights, hanging lanterns, a collection of fantasy themed hardcover books, a peace lily plant for touch of green and scattering of gold-star shaped decorations.

Inside, lay down plush rugs and bring in portable, chic furniture like lightweight armchairs and collapsible tables.

Glamorous tent interior. White canvas tent illuminated with warm, twinkling string lights, layered with plush ivory blankets and assortments of cream and gold velvet pillows, surrounded by potted vibrant green philodendron plants, an antique bronze-trimmed mirror in the background, and stacks of hardcover classics on the sturdy wooden crate-nightstand with vintage candelabra and small intricate Moroccan lantern as a decoration.

Glamorous tent interior. Pastel blankets and fluffy pillows arrayed under golden string lights, surrounded by potted ferns, hardcover books and hanging small lantern decorations.

Enhance the ambiance with solar-powered string lights and lanterns, providing a warm, inviting glow.
For a touch of comfort, add an air mattress or a padded cot, layered with cozy bedding and throw pillows.

Interior of a glamorous tent. Ivory drapes with clear string of lights, lush green potted ferns, plump golden pillows, soft coral blankets, pressed leather-bound books and antique bronze decorations.

Glamorous interior of tent. Rose gold fairy string lights woven over the top of a pale pink and silver cushion-filled bell tent, containing a low copper table topped with potted succulents and scattered second-hand poetry books, amidst a selection of vintage lanterns.

Finally, incorporate outdoor elements like potted plants or a small herb garden to blend the interior with the natural surroundings, making your glamping experience both convenient and enchanting.

Glamorous interior of tents. Persian-patterned blankets and metallic gold pillows, fig leaf houseplants, hardcover novels and brass lantern decorations, warmed by a string of fairy lights.

Glamorous tent interior. White canvas tent adorned with warm fairy lights, layered with teal faux-fur blankets and complemented by plump yellow and green velvet pillows. Delicately surrounded by assortment of potted ferns and a pile of old hardback novels stacked unevenly on a vintage wooden crate. Silver bohemian-themed decor accents throughout.

Glamorous tent interior. Layout includes plush navy-blue blankets and frameless gold paisley-printed pillows optimally placed on a homemade aged wooden platform mimicking a bed, a weathered ladder styled with stripped vintage hard cover books and ivy pot plants hanging from tent ceiling, multicolored string lights scattered anomalous all around, alongside small intricate ceramic figurines and handcrafted ornate brass lanterns sitting on a solid reclaimed grain wood box nightstand of Tuscan interiors inspiration.

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